Salad Station

Phone: 1900 27 27 68

Tân Phú, Tp HCM

Salad Station


Enjoy super fresh, healthy and nutritious salads with 15 best homemade sauces

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It's high time your company or your department to have healthy and nutritious meals.

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Salad Station

Founded with the purpose of bringing customers the most delicious, clean, nutritious salad with affordable price.

We hope a balanced diet will be “a miraculous medicine” to help you having a delicious meals while ensuring vitamin supplements, cardiovascular regulation, blood pressure and health protection ...

Coming to Salad Station, you will enjoy the most delicious and nutritious salads increasing more your appetite with 4 standard ingredients : Fresh vegetables, homemade sauces, topping and protein.


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Customer feedback
Quach Trinh Tu

I love Salad Station where I can mix abundant vegetables, topping and homemade sauce. It's amazing, I feel full with salad.

Ngo Dinh Kim Thu

Fresh ingredients with nice garnish and reasonable prices. For Salad lovers, Salad Station will be a good choice.

Alex Quach

It was the first time I ordered a salad at Salad Station. It was really impressed with service style and delivered on time.  Its packaging was nice, very beautiful. Salad is delicious. I will become one loyalty customer of Salad Sation.